Uncle Mud Visits Rodney's Natural Building Demo

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Uncle Mud visits Rodney's Natural Building Demo
Melani and I stopped by Chatham University to attend Mud Brother Rodney Morgan's defense of his Masters of Sustainability Dissertation that I have had the pleasure of advising him on. He presented  the University with evidence of a significant environmental footprint and financial gains if they switch their campus building program from focusing on LEEDS certification to building with minimally refined local natural materials. Part of his defense was this demonstration of how to build with local sandy clay soil "cob". His dean was so impressed that they are going to build a pizza oven at the dean's house. Rodney will be joining us teaching offgrid power at the Permies.com Appropriate Technology Class in Montana in July 2019. There are still tickets if you want to join us at "the Homesteader's Shop Class you wish you'd had in high school".  https://permies.com/wiki/101802/ATC-Technology-Montana#928603