Uncle Mud at Spiro Mounds Oklahoma

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On our way to the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton TX we passed a worn sign for this place and had to make a U turn. This place and places like it seem to be constantly getting their budgets cut. So sad. Even those of us who have been transplanted to this continent, this is our heritage. The Mississippian Culture filled the middle 2/3rds of the US and influenced all the way to Baja and the Florida Keys through trade. I was astounded to learn that this backwater village up a tributary river was a major spiritual and political epicenter for 500 years. The artwork found in and around these burial and temple mounds is amazing. Check here for more https://www.okhistory.org/sites/spiromounds The caretaker here was wonderfully knowlegeable about local natural building from the indigenous to the soddies of the European pioneers.