Happy Holidays from Uncle Mud and Family

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When I first built my earthen oven my brother used his magnificent woodworking skills and scraps from the wood shop he worked at to make me a lovely pizza peel. When he was over last he noticed we had used it nearly to death so this Christmas he brought me another, more personalized one. Writer Martin Pretchel was asked once how we suburban American Consumerists could regain a culture of our own. His was response was to challenge us to start with a table and only put on it things made by people we know and love. When the table is full replace it with one we built ourselves or by someone we know and love. Continue through the room and then the house. By the time we are surrounded by things made by our own selves or those we love, we will--as a side effect--have developed those bonds of love and connection with the people around us that are the markers of culture and community. As you contemplate your holiday season may you find the work of your heart and hands blessing the lives of people you love as they love you. Thank you for what you do to fill the world with abundance. Thank you for your support.