Fun Facts About Cob: July 2020 MotherEarth News Webinar Promo


Uncle Mud here with Mother Earth News and some fun facts about cob:
--"Cob" is an Old English word for "lump". 
--Cob buildings are made from lumps of sandy clay subsoil and straw smushed together into bigger lumps until you have a lump big enough to live in.
--Some of the oldest houses in the world are made out of cob.
--More than half of the people in the world still live in houses made out of earth, but the craft of cobbing nearly died out in many places because living in a mud house was thought to be a sign of poverty even thought they are often more comfortable. 
You can build a pizza oven or rocket heater or even a whole house from the mud between your toes. 
Join us Wednesday July 8 2020 at 3pm  Central Standard Time for a virtual mud party hosted by Mother Earth News 
The Mud Family will show you how to harvest and test your own soil and use it to build a pizza oven or Rocket Mass Heater or cottage with live demos and interactive Q&A.
you can buy your ticket at or use that same link to join us for free when you purchase a copy of Becky Bee's fantastic book The Cob Builder's Handbook.