Earthen Cob Pizza Oven Repair Time Lapse

When it comes to building with mud my favorite words of wisdom come from Beyonce who taught us the important lesson "If you like it then you shoulda put a roof on it." But of course when you are close to home you get to busy to follow your own best advice. We did put a roof on this oven we built for my parents, but just barely, and it blew off in a big winter storm. Being winter we put off fixing it, which meant we had more fixing to do when we got around to it. Fortunately cob is forgiving and easy to repair. We simply cut off the saggy bits and soaked them in water to make new cob to rebuild the oven with.  If you like this sort of thing please subscribe to our video channel. For exclusive content like Uncle Mud cheat-sheets and extended videos support our work at --Uncle Mud (aka Chris McClellan)